World’s best live casino now in Malaysia!

For Malaysian players it is safer to choose a large international live casino instead of the local options. With a trusted international brand Your identity is safe – when local illegal casinos get raided by the police then all of Your information is visible and may cause problems with local police.

When I wrote article about the most trusted Malaysian online casino in 2020 , I all-ready mentioned that Malaysian players can now play in W88. Best betting site in Malaysia that accepts local Malaysian payment methods and is a trusted global brand – but wait!

Big News – Now the best live casino in the world is also accepting Malaysian players!

Bitstarz is probably unknown name to most Malaysians, but last year they paid out the biggest slots jackpots in history and they were voted “The Best Online Casino” in the entire world

How big was the jackpot Bitstarz paid to a slots player?

For me the biggest surprise was how well Bitstarz mobile app works. Players have access to all the popular live casino games like Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and many more – check the full list here and click on “live casino.”

Does Bitstarz Live Casino offer bonuses to Malaysian players?

Bitstarz has a very large bonus system and new players can get bonuses not once but four times. In addition to the new player bonuses there are free spins given every Wednesday , for the latest bonuses click here and choose promotions or contact livechat.

Why are international online live casinos so popular in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a diverse country with a rich history. It is also a country with a thriving gambling industry. Funny it may seem to some, the country only has one official and legal casino. This has given its local citizens limited access and variety. Thanks to the growing popularity and availability of online live dealer websites, locals now have new options are not confined to one place.

Gambling is technically forbidden in Malaysia. Managing Internet gambling is not allowed, though it’s unclear if sponsoring a gambling site is illegal. The laws were written decades ago, and none of them mentioned online live casinos. Malaysians are playing live casino blackjack on the internet every day. Bitsrars live casino sites accepts customers from Malaysia.

However, this does not mean that you are completely risk free in Malaysia. Increasingly, laws are being enacted to ban online gambling and Sharia law is being implemented in Malaysia. You have to decide for yourself how accurate it is. Online gambling is largely done by Malaysians without concern in the world. You can pay, deposit and play on Bitstarz.

If you decide to gamble online in Malaysia, it is better to be with international sites that are not located in Malaysia. Local sites in Malaysia are 100% illegal and operate underground with zero control. If you win a big jackpot they might not pay.

How to get “new member free myr no deposit 2020”?

  1. Create account with real information

    Contact support for 20 free spins

Why people choose international live casino websites?

There is no physical presence of offshore sites in Malaysia. Malaysian authorities cannot fly to England and transfer customer information for Bitstarz. Player chances of beeing punished is very low when doing business with a lawfully managed site. There have been 0 cases against Malaysians who play at Bitstarz.

What is the live dealer casino law in Malaysia?

Since Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country, both online and offline gambling is considered illegal. There are three major frameworks based on gaming law in Malaysia. Notable among these is the Betting Act of 1953.

Moreover, the Malaysian Civil Contract Act declares that all contracts made in the form of gambling or betting are terminated. This means that if a person is betting on someone else, if that person refuses to pay, then the winner has no legal support.

The Malaysian Constitution has made Islam a compulsory religion for all Malays. Non-Malays (mostly ethnic Chinese, Indians and others) are not bound by Sharia law, but most of the country’s population is bound by this law. This is important to note because Malaysia recognizes the Sharia (or Syria) court. Sharia courts and secular legal systems in Malaysia are interrelated.

Due to the dual justice system in Malaysia, many are complex and difficult to implement. Sharia is reserved for family matters in most cases, but individual states are allowed to apply sharia on criminal justice issues. Gambling is explicitly prohibited by Sharia law and it can also be interpreted to mean exceeding the limit of 60% in a country.

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