What are the trusted online casinos in Malaysia?

Malaysia currently has one legal land based casino, operated by the Genting group and managed under the “betting act of 1953” link to the law http://www.agc.gov.my/agcportal/uploads/files/Publications/LOM/EN/Act%20495.pdf

Biggest casino of Genting Group is Resorts World Genting and it is located 54 kilometers outside the city of Kuala Lumpur. The casino corporation was established in 1965 by Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong when he applied for the first casino operating license in Malaysia.

Are any new casinos opening in Malaysia soon?

The Malaysian government does not currently give out any new licenses – quote from the official website:

β€žThe government policy at this time is that it does not issue any new license for gambling activities. Therefore application for gambling licenses has been frozen.β€œ Source: https://www.treasury.gov.my/index.php/en/contactus/faqs/rpm.html

Are there any licensed online casinos in Malaysia?

Unfortunately, there are no online casinos that have the Malaysian government license. Genting operates an online casino called Gentingbet, but this casino is available only for people who live in the United Kingdom.
There are several online casinos in Malaysia that claim to be trusted and to have a license, but in reality none of them do.
Malaysian players are accepted at these casinos, but you can get into trouble if the police finds out that you are playing in an illegal casino and since they do not have a license – player funds are not 100% safe.

Why does Malaysia only have one licensed casino?

For people visiting Malaysia for the first time, the local gambling laws are confusing. Not everyone is accepted into casinos, even if the casino holds a valid license.

Malaysia is a Muslim country, and gambling goes against the Sharia law. Therefore it is 100% illegal for a Muslim to play in a casino. These kind of laws are easier to monitor in one physical location, rather than hundreds of smaller gambling establishment.

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