Update: ShenPoker – problems with withdrawals

Last couple of days including today ShenPoker has had problems with withdrawal and deposits. Why is that so and is there a reason to be worried?

ShenPoker is the largest IDN poker network in Asia. Unfortunately the site seems to have many problems throughout the gaming experiences. As I have previously written Shenpoker seems to be a bit shady place to play – I still haven’t stopped playing there yet, as I am curious if all the bad beats, suckouts, team players were just bad first impression or is it also a long-run problem.

Currently ShenPoker can not make any withdrawals nor can they receive any deposits. How so? As the site only uses Netteller to withdraw/deposit and relying on their 24/7 online support they haven’t verified their Netteller accounts and it seems to be backstabbing them.
Not only it is extremely inconvenience for the players its a very bad reputation for ShenPoker too if people can not access to their money.

Problems with payouts is not something new with ShenPoker. Last month- April 2017 they had delays with paying out the rakeback. What might have caused this problem? – At this point I can only assume they had another balance problem how much they can payout at once.
As the new month just began and the rakeback date should be today I can only say it is going to be another month when there are delays with payouts.

Not only are there delays with rakeback, but also daily problems if you wish to withdraw money from Shen. As they have now limited the time you are available to withdraw it still does not guarantee you are able to do so. For now I have heard many apologies from online support that their daily limits are full, and I should try again the next day or in a few days. Somehow I have never encountered problems like that with other big onlinepoker sites. I have never had issues like this with casino mate.

So is there a reason to be worried if you are getting your hard-earned money out from ShenPoker?

– Well.. to be honest I have no idea. It is definately not usual for a big poker site to have so many problems like that. What makes me concerned is their poker malaysia online support states that there are no any other way to withdraw money than through Netteller. They are willing to transfer it through the bank wire transfer but for that they need to get approval of the managment.
But what if they cant get their accounts verified? How long it can take and is all the money lost if they cant verify it?

These are some questions that leave me concerned with Shenpoker.

If you have any other concerns with Shenpoker, please do leave a comment and we try our best to reply to it!

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