Sports Betting Tips : How to make more successful bets and the secret steps that your bookies wish you wouldn’t know

All sorts of gambling and betting is by its nature, a very risky way to try to make money. Some people can do it and have an amazing success story while others just keep losing money or breaking even. The secret behind it is to know how to make the most out of your bet and when it’s done sensibly, it can make your sports watching experience even more exciting.

So how can You make the most out of your bets? In the following article I give you a simple, yet effective tips to keep in mind while you are about to start betting on your next game.

As you probably know or if you don’t, then it really is something for you to read. The most important thing in sports betting  is all about finding the best value for your money. It can start from finding the right markets or have the best timing to place your bet.  I have previously written about Pinnacle sports as my nr 1 bookmaker there you will find the best odds/prices.   Follow these tips and see it for yourself if you are able to make more successful sport bets than before!

Know your desirable sport inside out


In sport betting its not only about which football team has won the last 5 games and then bet on them. No, don’t do that. Every time you place your bet you really need to consider how well the teams have actually performed and how well were their defense and offence stats during the game. Where they just lucky to have had the goal or they had problems keeping the possession?

Don’t think sports betting is just about football. Its not. This tip applies to ANY sports. Even id you plan to bet on the next tennis match or golf, you need to consider all aspects of the trainee and the trainer aswell. If a tennis player is having a spat with their coach it might affect their game. Maybe there happened something in their personal lives


These are the kind of details you want to keep your eyes on and keep reading about every peace of information you get, because this will only prepare you for spotting those really good value markets!

The favorite doesn’t always win!


This seems such an obvious thing to point out but it is difficult for any gambler to ignore the odds that bookies have made.  There are many examples of bookies giving out odds that are truly favorable to one side but later on turns out they didn’t knew their sports so well afterall. And the least favorable player/ team has won.



 Don’t stay only with one bookmaker / do what’s best for You

As betting is really big and competitive sector most companies you join up want to keep You with them and try to lure you to bet with them and them only. This can be done through various special on site offers, loyality schemes or point system the intention behind it all is the same.

Don’t let yourself be fooled and don’t make them think you cant look around if you find any better place which has the best price for the market you want.

Don’t just wander around but if you have a bet in mind check for the offers available for each specific bet. Your research should give you enough information which of the offers available will suit you for any given match. Be prepared to sign up in multiple sites.


The less selections you add to your bet, the better it is

This tip might seems something that even if it makes common sense a lot of betters often forget about it. The thing is, the less different selections you add to your bet the more chance you stand for winning.


If you have just started with sports betting and wish to make money you cant think big right away. If the season has just begun bet on one team or selection first and make that bet and stake enough. If you wish, start betting on 2 or 3 maximum.  If you have done enough research for your bet you can feel quite safe putting money on one bet.

Be sure to know you understand the market

 Whenever you are starting to place your bet, make sure you check the terms of the bet.

For example a lot of starting betters don’t really understand how the system works. They are about to bet on their favorite football team to half time/full time bet vs for the team to win both halves. If you have the bet on halftime / fulltime bet your team needs to win the half time and then later on the whole match aswell.  But if you are betting your team to win both halves it means they need to win both half times for your bet to win.

It is easily avoided mistake if you have done your research, but can definitely avoid feeling frustrated if you are about to head to collect your winnings because your team was leading the game 2-1 half time and won the whole match with the results of 2-1. Unfortunately your bet in this case did not win, because the second half no one scored and the result of second half is 0-0 so the bet goes down.


Bet with your mind, not heart

You might be the biggest fan of your team and really want them to win and you believe they will. The next moment you find yourself in a situation where you have put your money on your team to win, but haven’t really considered all the other factors that matter.


While there is nothing wrong to make a small bet on your favorite team just for the sake of having more excitement while watching the game you should always consider the other factors ball possessions/players on the field/ if they are playing home or away and so on.
If you wish to make some more sensible bets on those occasions think about betting on result and/or both teams to score.


Pick out the right time to place your bet

 It is always a bit difficult to get the right time to place your bets, because betting on football is different than betting on horse racing. While horse racing might have the best odds guaranteed style bets football and other sports games are usually best to do it on the day.  You may think why? Well a lot of bookies will enhance the prices on the special offers of a popular events on the day. Some might do it for the day of the event other might just boost the prices for a short period of time. So while you are not looking the odds constantly you might miss out the best deals.

If it is very big and popular event some bookies might offer you money back deal as a free bet if the favorite team scores first in the game. Or it might mean the bookies have just boosted the odds in a certain frame.
So make sure to keep your eyes on the odds during the day and soon you will figure out when it is the best time for you to place your bets!



Making profit on less popular sports

While sports betting is getting more and more popular by the time a lot of bookmakers are looking to expand their list of sports and markets they cover to please the betters.


This means, while they are constantly expanding their range of fields where you could place your bets they often miss out on important information about the games. Meaning of they might not know as much about the games they would like and making huge mistakes while giving out better odds. This is something to look into and doing your own research might get you the profits you have longed for.

Keep in mind, that everyone has their good days and bad days. So don’t get frustrated when you don’t win immediately, each time you do your research and look for the best odds you have a bigger chance to win. Follow those steps and soon you will be able to spot the best value bets available and hopefully you get rewarded for all the patience!

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