Soccer betting in Singapore guide – best odds compared

Singapore has the highest standard of living anywhere in the world – it is also home to a large number of soccer betting fans. Singapore players have a insatiable desire to gamble but a limited number of choices in terms of quality bookies. In this article we will take a mathematical look on the top 3 most popular bookies in Singapore and show with numbers from real games who should you choose.

The government has tried to limit access to foreign online soccer betting websites, but a study in 2018 found that 74% of the people who gamble, do so on international websites.

What are the most popular soccer betting websites in Singapore?

W88 has emerged as the market leader in entire Asia and also owns 31% of the Singapore market. This is not a surprise since W88 has worked hard to attract players from Singapore and offers some of the best bonuses , local deposit/withdrawal methods and total anonymity.

W88 is also one of the few local betting sites that has a world-wide presence and they are the official shirt sponsor of English Premier League club Aston Villa.

Second place is held by local brand Singapore Pools with 28% , they are a trustworthy Singapore local bookie that is owned by the state.

 It will be very hard to win there since the odds that they offer are much lower than others ( odds comparison in lower part of the article), but if you know you will lose then your money will go to the government.

Third place in the Singapore market is still held by Bet365 with 9%, they are one of the biggest sports betting websites in the world, but what they lack are good bonuses and they are not focused on the Asian market. There is one-time signup bonus but not much else. The odds that they offer are good but not the best ( read comparison of odds below)

Who offers the best soccer odds for Singapore players?

To calculate the odds offered, I will compare the same game for all three companies, ( Liverpools vs Newcastle on 14-09), add all the odds and then compare the total number – this method is also used by professional sports bettors.

Singapore pools – total odds of 1.12+7.5+15 = 23.62

W88 – total odds of 1.16+7.86+18.1= 27.12

Bet365 – total odds of 1.14+8+15 = 24.14

Lets take Bet365 as the middle point so 24,14 = 100% , 1% = 2,414.
Singapore pool offers odds of 23,62/2,414 = 9,78, compared to 365, Singapore pool odds are 97,8%. W88 odds 27,12/2,414= 11,12 , compared to 365, W88 odds are 112,3%

Why do these numbers matter even if you are betting on soccer for fun?

Winning sports bettors usually have a 5% win rate, and this is hard to achieve even with good odds. The difference between Singapore pools and W88 is 112,3-97,8= 14,5%
Every bet you make in Singapore pools you are already losing 14,5% – which makes sense since this is a government owned bookie and they take a bigger profit on games.
In Bet365 every bet you make 112,3-100 = 11,3% lost in every bet.

If you play this  10 times, with $50 bet each and you bet all the won amount everytime, then the difference in money paid out due to compound interest n × (1 + growth rate)p
Singapore pools = 45 838.76$, Bet365= 51 200.00$ , W88 = $92,947.22

Many people who always lose, don’t understand that they don’t have a chance if they start with bad odds. I know personally several players who struggled for years to break a profit and started winning immediately after choosing the bookie with better odds.

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