Proof that Kiss918 , Mega888 and SCR888 are scam online casinos.

Kiss918 ( formerly known as SCR888 or Mega888) are blacklisted online casino operators that scam players from money ( proof pictures below). They changed name from SCR888 because there were too many scam reports and they needed a clean name.

Reasons why Kiss918 is not a trusted casino company

  1. They have no licence to operate a casino
  2. They are blacklisted by all reputable casino review sites
  3. When players money is stolen they blame agent ( never choose a casino that uses agents)

Player reviews of Kiss918 SCR888 Mega888 ( pictures)

Kiss918 always blames agent, but for player there is zero help

So what should players do?

  1. If you have been scammed, write a comment to this article with as much detail as possible.
  2. Withdraw your money ( even if you havent been scammed yet, you will be when you hit jackpot).
  3. Choose the most trusted online casino Malaysia 2020
  4. Never use casinos with agents again.

How to choose a trusted online casino?

Trusted online casinos don’t use agents and the websites look professional. Look for companies that are known worldwide. For example W88 is the main sponsor of English Premier League football club Aston Villa in 2019 and they operate in 40+ countries. They offer sports betting, slots, live casino games and poker and are publicly traded on the stockmarket with several billion dollar valuation. If you win a big jackpot – they will pay with no problems and they accept players from all Asian countries.

W88 – Aston Villa main sponsor 2019/20

Does W88 offer bonuses to players from Asia?

Yes, W88 has one of the best bonus system of any online casino, and unlike Kiss918/Scr888 – they actually pay out your winnings. In fact many professional sports bettors and poker players use W88.

  1. W88 is a licensed globally known brand
  2. Sports betting, poker, slots and live dealer games are all under same account
  3. Instant deposit/withdrawal
  4. Very good bonuses
  5. Local customer support in Asia
  6. No Agent needed – join directly from website.

Are there any other good online casinos for Asian players?

Another globally trusted online casino is Bitstarz. They only offer slot games but they have the biggest jackpots in online slots, you can check from the bottom of their website ( Millions of USA $ jackpots in slots).

Bitstarz has been voted the best slots casino in the world and they also accept players from Asian countries. Reasons to join Bitstarz:

  1. Best slots casino in the world 2017 and 2018 ( proof with pictures below)
  2. Accepts players from Asia
  3. Accepts bitcoin
  4. Biggest slot game jackpots
  5. Very big deposit bonuses
  6. No Agent needed – Join directly from homepage.

Summary of why to avoid casinos like Kiss918, Scr888 and Mega888

Any casino that does not have a casino license is actually not a casino in legal terms. If you win big they can simply not pay and no court in the world can help you. Ofcourse if you keep losing they will happily take your money – cheaters only appear when big wins need to be paid. You can read more about casino licensing from here.

Imagine if you won over 2 million at Kiss918 ( like the person from Bitstarz ) and Kiss918 wouldnt pay – there would be nothing that you can do.

Big casinos like big jackpot wins, because it is free advertising. When the player won 2 million dollars, Bitstarz shared that information everywhere and there was 0% that they will not pay the money.

Never transfer your money to an agent – they can simply disappear and you get nothing.

If you want to gamble, join either W88 or Bitstarz and you actually have a chance to win. If you want to play online poker then I have written about Asian poker sites here.



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  1. Thanks for finally writing that Kiss918 is a scam online casino. I only lost 200 because my agent dissappeared, but If I had read this earlier I wouldnt have played there.


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