Malaysia online poker guide by a real Malaysian player (2020)

Poker is growing very fast in popularity among Malaysian players, when writing this article a Malaysian player had just won 57 000$ in a tournament ( image later in the article), while playing online I see more and more people located in Malaysia.
If you want to experience fun and relaxed games, that are easy to win I  suggest you avoid big poker websites like Pokerstars, Partypoker and so on ( I will explain why later).

For me it has now been over 2 years playing at this site. I still play some Texas Holdem and the tables are still easy, but I found myself another game that I like even more.

The game is called Omaha, and it is so much fun to play. If you like Texas, you will love Omaha also.

Rules are very simple, instead of 2 cards you get four – but in the river you MUST use at least 2 cards from your hand and combine them with 3 from table. That is the only difference. This month there were guaranteed prizes for Omaha players, I got the Samsung A9 for free ( other rewards shown later in the article).

Why should you avoid big websites?

Because the games are very difficult, in Pokerstars there are usually at-least 4 professional players in a 6 player table , Pokerstars allows them to use different poker software such as Holdem Manager. This program remembers all the hands you have played and allows the Pro to make better decisions, it´s like you are playing against a robot. Professionals can play 24 different tables under one account and they only play very strong hands, so all you see is everyone folding and it is boring – you will lose money.

Can Malaysian online poker players also play tournaments?

I literally just opened the poker application, to see if any big tournaments are running, and a Malaysian online poker player has just finished 9th and won 57 000$ (image below). This tournament was still running and a player from Thailand was on 2nd place.

That tournament had a total prizepool of 1.7 Million US dollars and first prize of 478 000$.

From the website, you will find poker if you click on P2P on the homepage (shown on the image below). This my favourite poker site because they have a very good mobile app and they offer everything in the same place – poker, sports betting ( they have better betting odds than any other sports betting website), online casino, live dealer games and even lottery. Other poker sites usually only offer 1 thing.

How can Malaysians open an account?

1: Go to the official website ( this link will re-direct you to the Malaysian homepage of W88)

2: Sign up on the main page, or move mouse over P2P and choose Texas holdem ( no matter where you sign-up you can still do everything that W88 offers – poker, casino, sports betting etc.)

3: Pro Tip – after you sign-up and can´t deposit for some reason, then verify your personal information anyway and they will give you 100% free bets.  Dont believe me? Click here, then click on sign-up and read the small text on the left that says, “Earn freebets by simply validating your Account Safety with accurate information”

Is W88 a trustworthy online poker website for Malaysians?

If you have ever watched premier league, then last season they were the shirt sponsor of Wolverhamton Wanderers, in 2019-20 season they sponsor Aston Villa.

They are now the biggest online casino in Asia with a very good reputation and one of the few who accept Malaysian banks as a deposit method ( while keeping players anonymity).

My Singapore friend asked me to do a mathematical analysis of W88, Bet365 and a Singapore betting website – W88 offered the best odds by a huge difference.

How much money do I need to start in W88 poker?

In W88 minimum deposit amount is around 30 MYR. But the smallest tables are around 20 Ringgit buy-in so even if you don’t want to play for a lot of money this is the perfect website. If you want to play for bigger amounts there is a wide selection of tables, the biggest tables go very very high.
This is the perfect site if you want to learn how to play winning poker and move up in limits, I started playing with 60 Ringgit buy-ins and I am now playing 240 Ringgit buy-in tables.

How many players are playing online real money poker at W88?

During evening hours, I have seen 17 000 player online at the same time, these players are mostly from Russia, Malaysia, Vietnam,  China or Thailand and they are all playing real money poker. You can also play Omaha which is poker with 4 cards, it is the favourite game of big Chinese gamblers.

Dont forget to check your VIP points after you join!

When you play poker, slots, casino or do sports betting. You are always earning VIP points. These points can be used to get a new computer, luxury watch, designer clothes and many things more.


What is the best strategy for playing poker online?

There is a saying that you can not lose if you do not call. That is very accurate, if you limit the hands that you play to only good hands you will do very well. If you start to go all-in with hands like J3 it won´t take much time until you lose all of your chips.
With 20 big blinds buy-ins poker is very easy game, you simply do not have enough chips to make complicated plays or chase big draws.If you have a good hand you raise big or go all-in, if you have a bad hand you fold.
If you find yourself in a situation where you and the opponent both have 100+ big blinds then poker becomes more complicated. In these situations when other players has raised it is better if you fold marginal hands like AJ or 66. That is the beauty of playing with 20 big blinds, you can go all-in with AJ and 66 and often you will have the best hand because other players are also gambling and sometimes 4-5 players go all-in.

How am I doing at W88 poker tables?

I have been playing at W88 for over 2 years now and it is so much fun, you can buy in to the table with only 20 big blinds so every time you have a hand like AJ or better you can simply go all-in. And you still see so many all-ins all the time, sometimes with totally random hands like K9 vs 33 vs JQ vs A2.
You will never see all-ins like this at Pokerstars or any other site. You can open an account by clicking here, the signup is very easy and only takes a minute. If you have opened an account and wish to deposit money just contact the support – all the transactions goes through their 24/7 online support,which is very convenient.

Ready to start playing? Join W88 by clicking here and you could be holding your first AA in 5 minutes!

Are gambling winnings subject to taxes in Malaysia?

No, the player does not pay any taxes from any casino winnings. The online casinos themselves are taxex.

Will I break the law if I gamble in Malaysia?

Betting Act of 1953 and the Common Gaming Houses Act of 1953 state that gambling can be done only in the Genting casinos. However most international casinos provide anonymity and safety to players

Is online poker legal in Malaysia?

Online poker is not legal, but there are thousands of Malaysian players who play on international trusted online poker sites. The biggest risk is when playing with a local unregulated casino such as winclub88, deluxewin, mega888 etc.

Is it legal to play poker at home in Malaysia?

It is legal to play poker for fun, but not for real money. There are several poker rooms that operate in Kuala Lumpur and othet Malaysian citys, but they are also not legal. The best way is to play on an international poker site

Does PokerStars accept Malaysian players?

No, PokerStars does not accept players from Malaysia. But W88 does accept Malaysian players and access to GGNetwork.

Does PartyPoker accept Malaysian players?

No, PartyPoker does not accept players from Malaysia. But W88 does accept Malaysian players and access to GGNetwork.

How to play online poker in Malaysia?

  1. Go to W88 Poker website

    W88 is the biggest Asian online casino and poker website.

  2. Create account by clicking “join now”

    W88 accepts Malaysian players and offers local support.

  3. Deposit and play poker

    W88 accepts most Malaysian banks and other deposit methods

W88 Poker


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  1. I was surprised by how easy it is to join as a Malaysian player, deposit straight from bank and on the bank statement it doesnt say anything about a casino, its just a random company name which is really good. Poker tournaments are really big but the buy-in is also big for some of them.

  2. Opening account is very simple, after contacting chat I got the deposit made and got the signup bonus. I don’t like that you have to play in the browser and can’t download the software so Instead I play on the mobile app. Overall really good site, don’t have to deal with agents and chat support is available 24/7 with very little wait time.

  3. Thanks for any other informative blog. Very difficult to find information about Malaysian poker sites that accept local banks and are not full with American professionals.

  4. Very rapidly this web site, shenpoker, is growing. Yesterday I saw 19 000 players online. I dont know how many are from Malaysia because there are not many Malaysian poker players but I do see bahasa speaken quite often.

  5. I think that you should write more about Shenpoker, it might not be a taboo topic because Poker is a shady area in Malaysia, but I still like to play and shenpoker has the best support of all the local sites.

  6. Hi! I simply would like to offer you a big thumbs up for your great info you’ve
    got right here on this post. I wish it would finally be accepted that Malaysians want to play online poker and we can decide for ourselves. So tired of all this websites blocking us, luckily not shenpoker and the withdrawals are processed same day.

  7. I just go and play a live game, there is a fb group for people in Kuala lumpur. 50$ buyin, lots of fun. I dont trust online poker sites, always problems. If you can provide full statistics of your results I might change my mind.

  8. Your method of telling the whole thing in this piece of writing
    is actually pleasant, every one be capable of without difficulty understand it, Thanks a lot.

  9. My friend has developed into a seasoned pro and he is also playing at shenpoker. He has couple big pay-outs with a WSOP main event (2011) plus a 12th place finish in a previous UKIPT event in Edinburgh.
    True enough, this isn’t his main job – however it is an additional salary.
    He doesnt play omaha because the tables are too small for him, but in texas there are very easy games at the higher tables. Great review

  10. However, so that you can have the most fun some
    online poker sites let players use a deposit bonus, I was very happy than Shenpoker also offers this.
    This give me opportunity to play more hands and boost my game.
    But regardless of the strict laws of poker players in malaysia now I can continue
    to have fun playing the game online, I think lives games are only allowed in genting casino and maybe some underground places. Thank you for telling me about shenpoker!


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