Online Betting Malaysia – iBet vs Mybet88 vs W88 review

Three biggest online betting Malaysia casinos are iBet, W88 and Mybet88. In this article I will compare their bonuses, betting odds and choose the most trusted online betting site for Malaysians.

iBet online betting Malaysia site review

iBet casino has very big promosies on their website, they claim to be the biggest casino in Malaysia and the first to have developed a mobile gambling app – this is not true.

First of all – operating an online casino in Malaysia is illegal. if the police raids them all of the players information is public to the police and the players will be fined. This is the biggest reason why players should not join Malaysian local online betting casinos.

How are iBet Bonuses?

First lets look at the online betting bonuses offered to Malaysian players.

This is the biggest joke I have ever seen, good online betting sites have bonuses where they give you money back or a free bet if you lose. iBet has decided to award player RM8 bonus if the team you choose wins and scores ( How can they win without scoring?) Even worse this is limited to RM16 so if your team scores more than 2 goals you wont get promotion for that.

When looking at iBet online betting Malaysia odds It is clear that iBet is actually an agent and not a bookmaker. They do not make the odds they are a middleman and the odds come from and Indonesian company called Maxbet – If you want a chance to win in the longterm in online betting you must avoid betting sites like that.

On the casino side the bonuses of iBet doesnt look any better, the lunar new year gives 1 ticket to a lottery for every 500RM deposited – hardly motivating.

W88 online sports-betting site review

For the last two years W88 has been the shirt sponsor of English Premier League clubs, last season they were the sponsor of Wolverhamton Wanderers and this season they support Aston Villa.

How are W88 player bonuses?

For every player who makes at-least 1 deposit in a week. W88 gives 1 spin on a wheel where 100% of the spins win. Players can win signed shirts of premier league teams, new iPhone’s or even a trip to watch English Premier League. Every new player can also get free bets or 150% deposit bonus ( more info below)

What makes W88 unique is that they are a global online betting company with clients in Europe and Asia. Some of the biggest online wins have been won with W88. I found only one complaint where a player had won $50 000 and was asked to wait 24hrs before withdrawing since this was larger than Neteller ( online payment method) limits. After 1 day the same person close the complaint and said that he was paid – W88 is a globally trusted online casino brand in 2020.

There is a trick for getting free bets from W88, if a player joins and verifies their inormation they are eligible for couple free bets. It is written very small next to the registration form but you can check it by clicking here, then Join and reading on the left „Earn freebets by simply validating your Account Safety with accurate information“

How to get 150% Welcome bonus of 600 MYR for online betting Malaysia?

Step 1: click on , then click „join“ and enter bonus code WC150SBA.

Step 2: Deposit 600 MYR to get maximum bonus ( this bonus can only be used the first time you deposit so take the maximum you can)

If you want to bet on e-sports use bonus code WC150SBE

W88 is also famous for online poker among Malaysian players, on the picture below you can see a Malaysian online poker player playing for over $1 000 000 US dollars.

Mybet88 online betting Review

Mybet88 is another unlicensed online betting site. On the website there is no information about where are they registered and that is not a trustworthy sign. When searching google for „Mybet88“ there is literally no information available – big red sign.

How are Mybet88 online betting bonuses?

Mybet88 offers first deposit bonus of 30% upto 500MYR – very small bonus. There is also unlimited 10% deposit bonus for casino players and 15% Sunday bonus. Nothing really special considering what international trusted online casinos are offering to players.

Similar to iBet, Mybet88 is also not a bookmaker themselves. They do not analyze the games or create the betting odds. Mybet88 is agent of Maxbet and CMD368 – this means you will always get worse odds than W88. Big example of that is that W88 is the only online betting Malaysia site that shows betting odds even if you are not registered – iBet and Mybet88 are scared to show their odds because they are lower and players would not join.

What is the best online betting site in Malaysia?

Because online betting is a gray area in Malaysia, it is better to go with a betting site that does not keep any records in Malaysia – minimizing the risk for the player to get in trouble. The best betting site and overall casino in Malaysia in my opinion is W88 because they are:
1) Known international brand and sponsor of English Premier League

2)Offer the best odds when betting

3)Offer the biggest bonus of 150% when joining thorugh , then click „join“ and enter bonus code WC150SBA.

Even if you allready have several betting accounts, it is always wise to join many so you get maximum bonuses and free bets to your email.

Is online betting legal in Malaysia?

In 1953 the Malaysian Betting act was introduced. This limits gambling but does not mention sports betting so it is currently a gray area. There are international online betting sites that accept Malaysian players.

What is the best online betting Malaysia website?

Based on customer feedback the best betting site for Malaysian players is W88. They offer 150% bonus and are the biggest betting site in asia.

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