?What is the most trusted online casino Malaysia 2020?

Malaysia has seen a large growth of online casino players, but since gambling is not legal in the country most of these casinos are unregulated and unsafe.

What to look for when choosing a trusted online casino Malaysia 2020

  1. Look for international company that operates in several countries.
  2. Make sure the company does not have complaints from players.
  3. Avoid agents at all costs – most scams happen when people join through agents.
  4. Make sure casino accepts local payment mehtods
What is the most trusted online casino in Malaysia 2020?

W88 Malaysia is the only international casino that accepts Malaysian players and gives anonymity to players to protect their identity.
W88 is the sponsor of Aston Villa in the English Premier League and they are the fastest growing online casino in Asia.

Trusted online casino Malaysia 2020

They are unique because they offer everything from the same account. Player can choose to play poker, live casino games, slot games or bet on sports.

How can Malaysian players deposit in W88?

Step 1: Open account at www.w88.com

Step 2: Deposit using banklink or Neteller. W88 accepts Maybank, CIMB Bank, Public Bank, RHB Bank, HongLeong Bank and AmBank.

Step 3: Get 100% bonus for casino or sports betting.

Does W88 offer bonuses to Malaysian players?

Malaysian players can choose from a wide variety of first time bonuses. Click on the pictures below to check what bonuses are currently available.

Why it is important to join a trusted online casino Malaysia 2020 directly and not through agents?

Agents are not part of the online casino, but if you win then first the money is paid out to the agent. From there, the casino has done its payout and it is up-to the agent to pay the player.

With small amounts there is rarely an issue, but if you manage to win $1000 or more, the agents often decide to steal the money – never join a casino through agent, go directly to www.w88.com and join on the real site.

Are there any other trusted online casinos that accept Malaysian players?

The only other trusted gambling site that I can recommend is Bitstarz – they have actually won the “best online casino” award in 2017 and 2018. Unfortunately they do not have MYR as currency and they prefer bitcoin as a payment method. Playing with Bitcoin guarantees 100% anonymity and they offer very good bonuses to Malaysian players. Bitstarz is considered to be the best live casino available in Malaysia.

Malaysians can choose from a large amount of unlicensed casinos, but only a few trusted brands. If you look at the image above you see that BitStarz paid out a win of over 2.4 million US dollars. Smaller casinos would go bankrupt with such a win or they have machines set so you simply cant win that much.

This was not the only large win that Bitstarz paid out and I am sure there will be more big wins in 2020.

Another issue players often have is agents not paying out winnings. When this happens, player has nothing to do and agent will simply keep the 2.4$ million dollar jackpot. Worst thing about this is that most players only lose, and until you lose agents and casinos are happy. If you suddenly get a big win, only then will you truly know if you are playing in a trusted Malaysian online casino.

Join one of the trusted online casino Malaysia 2020 and claim your bonus!

How to determine if a Malaysian online casino is trusted or not?

Malaysian online casino industry is booming with billions of dollars at stake. Since there are not any legal options, players often join shady unknown casinos. There is a big difference when playing on an international site vs hidden secret casinos.

Trusted online casinos are audited and so are the results of their games – this makes sure that there is no cheating in slots or any other type of games. An unregulated casino can simply choose a setting on the slot machines that no big wins are given to players. There are a few simple things to keep in mind when looking for a trusted casino.

Talk with players who are playing there.

Usually the best information source are friends who are playing in that casino. Do they feel that the games are trusted? Were they able to withdraw winnings without problems etc. When looking for a trustworthy online casino always read real reviews.

Check if the casino has a license

Usually you will find that information under “about us” or at the bottom of the casino website. If there is no information available that is a red flag and you should be cautious. There are many different regions where casinos usually are registered. Some of the biggest are Philippines, Malta, United Kingdom and smaller tax heavens.

Check their customer service

Trusted online casinos have professional customer support. If you feel like the support person is angry when you wish to withdraw money this is not normal. Many casinos also use delay tactics hoping that you will keep playing because you can not withdraw money. Before opening account it is wise to contact support to make sure that you are eligible for bonuses and know exactly how the withdrawal process works. Most trusted casinos ask for ID verification – they do this because it is required by their casino license and this is normal. The same thing happens when you visit a trusted Malaysian casino Resots world Genting. Fun fact is that Genting actually has an online casino, but they do not accept players from Malaysia.

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