Kevin Hart surprises fans by joining Team Pokerstars

After a horrific road crash last month, Kevin Hart is again back in the game. TMZ reports that after that car crash, last night they got the comedian in his first public outing where he was living it up with his  dinner and cards in LA.

This American famous comedian has long been in love with poker. He is so passionate about this game that we saw him landing a PokerStars contract in 2017. He is also a big fan of the Asian Poker apps.

Kevin Hart, a hard working American comedian with 35.8 million Twitter followers, has decided to take the future of poker into his own hands. He even wants to make this game fun. Hart said in his personal news conference presented by Monte Carlo Casino® –

“I, Kevin Hart, have an amazing announcement today, I have bullied myself into a partnership with PokerStars. Why? Because I love the game. I’m deeply in love with the game. I’ve seen what the game is missing, and it’s missing me.” Further he said – “I am going to make poker fun.”

He also added- “But the best thing about poker is that anyone can play it, whether you’re making millions like Daniel Negreanu or just sitting around the kitchen table playing for coins.”

Team PokerStars’s most celebrated ambassador Daniel Negreanu also warmly welcomes this comedian saying that- “making poker fun” is obviously possible. Negreanu mentioned that Hart has played two Super High Rollers on the PokerStars circuit this year which made it easy for us to be hard-pressed to identify more fun in this game.

Hart also paid off his testament to Negreanu making lot of fun with him at the table. Hart said to Negreanu- “But what Daniel is missing is the black sidekick.” As we can see, Hart already started adding some fun to this mind game.

Team PokerStars’s vice president of corporate communications Eric Hollreiser says- “We take poker seriously, because that’s our business, Kevin Hart makes everything he does fun because that’s his business. Kevin is a maverick and we’re thrilled to work with him to take poker to new audiences around the world and have a great time doing it.”

After announcing his partnership with PokerStars, Hart wanted to bring his essence to the poker to make it more viable. In this respect, Negreanu said: “Just his presence in poker gives the game a new vibe.”

This game has seen a lot of celebrity players over the last couple of years, but Hart is a completely different type of celebrity who has Everest equals money with enough poker skill to sit with any of the world’s best players.

As you know, Poker is a psychological game where fun can drain straight out of it. So many people have completely lost their joy for this game, but Hart has not and as far as he is concerned to this game, he is going to make it sure that you don’t either lose your joy for poker.

You’ll be surprised to know that Hart does not like diving into the books to study the Poker. Even he does not want to get any  coaching from Negreanu. Hart believes that figuring the game out by himself will act as a strong motivation for the players to take this game up. He said-

“I like figuring it out. I like bumping my head and taking some bruises and learning from the bruises you take. The more people who see me figure it out it will motivate those to take it up.”

Anyway, Hart’s last night appearance shows that he seems to be on the road to recovery from his car accident in which his spine was fractured in three places because of his negligence for not having critical car safety features installed. However, we are waiting to get him on the board again. He keeps the players as well as the audience entertained the whole game time. The game is bound to be fun if Hart is present there.

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