How to play with straddle in Malaysian private poker games?

A straddle in poker is basically a raise made in the dark. The term “straddle” was only known to the live poker players before the Asian poker boom. But just after joining in a table into GGNetwork or other Malaysia online poker apps, you will see 3 blinds in almost all the tables and a pop-up box highlighting the term “Straddle”. In most of the poker apps, this message floats over the right side of the table. Now, I am going to disclose some secret concepts of Straddle that you must master to become a threat to the other players.

Straddle in Poker

In the Poker, the straddle is an extra bet which is claimed before the cards being served. In general, this bet is equal to 2x the big blind and in some cases, the amount of straddle is nearly unlimited and it is very complex for the new players to understand.

It is even bewildering as there is no specific rules for this straddle bet. You will see different rules in different poker room. But, one common thing you will find in every room that it is an optional blind bet which is usually considered as a third blind in poker.

Basic elements of Straddle

  • It occurs in “flop” games.
  • It belongs to the player whose seat location is the immediate left of the big blind.
  • To play straddle bet, you must announce it before the cards are dealt.
  • The general size of the straddle bet is 2x than the big blind. So, in a $1/$2 no-limit hold’em game, the straddle would be $4 which leaves 3 options for the subsequent players. The options are call that $4, raise or fold and after the flop, everything goes back to normal.

Why do Malaysian players love playing with straddle?

Straddle bet is very popular among the Malaysian players. This bet is automatic in most Asin poker apps including PokerMaster. Chinese poker players love this bet because a straddle bet at the poker table lets the players take more action and it brings more fun to the game. Another interesting fact of straddle is that this bet leads the players to take down the largest stacks at the tables.

Where can you get online poker games with straddle?

You will find straddle option in all Chinese poker apps. Moreover, you can find this blind betting option in the Asian focused poker network GG. Straddle is optional in this network where players from any position can call for this bet. But, in PokerMaster, this option comes automatically. In this app, the player next to the BB always post the straddle.

Pros and cons of Straddle in Poker

No matter you like it or hate it, straddle bet is a must at any Chinese poker table. So, the first thing you need to be aware of is that you have to master this betting technique if you want to enter into any Chinese poker table. Anyway, straddle has some exclusive benefits with a few drawbacks.

Pros at a glance:

More actions at the table.

Aggressive players love the preflop situation created by straddle.

It tends to make the inapts looser.

Bad play is common in the straddle tables.

Cons of this bet:

Players have to change their strategy to adapt to straddle.

Player position and effective stack size very often changes the preflop.

Less information if there is more money at stake preflop.

Game Tips for Straddle:

Mastering straddle is a must have poker skills for the players to enjoy the Asian Poker Apps. Here you will get some exclusive tips on straddle from the professional Chinese poker players:

  • If you see that you have an edge against the other entries on the table, decreasing the SPR (Stack-to-Pot ratio) will be a negative thing for you as it gives other players less scope to make mistakes.
  • If most of the hands are deep-stacked, then try to play big. It will increase your chances of winning bigger pots.
  • Try to adjust your preflop ranges as you will have more players behind you straddle games.
  • Never mind to play almost your entire range if anyone gets folded to you on the big blind.
  • Straddle bet usually makes the stakes higher and decreases the SPR. So, you should be careful about the stack depth.


The love for straddle of the Chinese poker players has changed the online poker games. Their passion for this bet adds more fun to the table making straddle a norm. It also creates the chances of winning bigger pots. So, studying this betting option will boost your profits from Chinese poker sites.

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