How to play online 3 patti real money in India?

India now has a local online casino that allows people to play 3 patti for real money. The game is the same as if you would play with friends, only difference is that you can play with strangers who can be far away. New 3 patti players can even get 10 000 rupee bonus, all you have to do is deposit any amount and the casino will double your money up to 10 000 rupees.

How to open online 3 patti real money account?

Since this Indian casino offers all types of games you may get confused once you visit the site – there are hundreds of different games. The signup process is actually very simple.

Pro tip when opening account – If you cant deposit right away for some reason, open the account anyway and you will get free bonus offers to your email.

Step 1: Go to the website and click “Join Now.” Make sure to enter correct phone nr, email and other information – otherwise you can´t withdraw your winnings.

Step 2: Make a deposit to your account, if you need any help contact live chat support but since they accept local Indian payment methods it should be easy.

What is 3 patti card game?

3 patti is one of the most played card games in India. The basics are very simple – the player with the best hand takes the money.

What are the rules of 3 patti?

The game is usually played between 3-7 participants and using 52 cards. Cards are dealt facing down by the dealer. The person on the left of the dealer is the first to bet and the action follows in the same direction.

The winner is decided at the end of the hand, and the best hand collects all the money.

Minimum bet in 3 patti is also called „boot amount“. This is placed in the center before betting round can begin and it is also the minimum that other players can bet.

What are the differences between BLIND and SEEN

There are 2 ways to play, you can look at your cards and then bet – this is called SEEN.

Player can also bet without looking at the cards – this is called BLIND.

Rules of playing 3 patti BLIND:

If the player before you is playing blind, then you need to match their bet or double it. IF the player before you is playing SEEN, then you can bet half or the same. ( When playing BLIND you take a bigger risk, put you can put 50% less money in the pot)

    Rules of playing 3 patti SEEN

If the player before you is also playing SEEN, then you need to double their bet. If the player before you is playing BLIND, then you need to double or quadruple their bet.

What is called a SIDESHOW in 3 patti?

A compromise (Sideshow) can be requested when all players are playing SEEN and the player who bet double the current pot requests compromise. Then the first player who made the bet can decide do refuse or take the compromise.
If they deny compromise then the betting will continue. If the players decides to agree with compromise then the two players will open cards and the weaker hands has to fold. In the case where both compromise participants have equal cards, the player who requested compromise has to forfeit their hand.

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