How to play 3 card poker online real money in India?

Indian players can easily play 3 card poker online for real money and it is perfectly legal. The most popular casino in India has offered 3 card poker for over 10 years now and if you open an account you can get a 10 000 Rupee bonus.

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After you have signed up, just choose “live casino “ or “table games” and you will see 3 card poker. If you are having trouble finding the game you can contact support and they are always very helpful.

Why are Indians playing 3 card poker online for real money?

We have all played play money games, but it just isn’t the same excitement. When playing for money it is a totally different feeling and it doesn’t matter what the game is. Roulette, blackjack, 3 card poker – they are all more fun when playing for money. But always understand that you can lose money and play with amounts that you can afford to lose.

How to play 3 card poker in online casino?

3 card poker is a very simple game to learn. To win you need to beat the hand of the dealer, makes sense right.

Every hand starts with an ante bet, usually around 1$. After this the player and the dealer are both dealt 3 cards. Your hand will be visible while the hand of the dealer will stay hidden.

Now you have to make a decision based on your cards – do you want to raise or fold? If you decide to throw cards away then you will lose the ante bet and new hand will start. If you want to keep playing you need to bet similar amount to your ante.

When you raise then dealer will show what hand they have and the game will continue.

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What are the best hands in 3 card poker?

The strongest hand is Straight flush, for example 789 all of spades or A23 all same colour.

Second strongest hand is trips or three of a kind, for example AAA or 333

Third hand is straight, this is similar to straight flush but cards don’t have to be same suit, any version 3 cards in a row is straight for example 234 or JQK

Fourth hand is flush, all 3 cards need to be same suit, for example 25Q of hearts.

Fifth hand is simple pair, for example QQ3 or 88A

If you don’t hit any pair or stronger, then the winner is decided based on the highest card, for example A34 will win K34 because A is stronger.

Live three-card poker is an internet version of the casino table game that has players engaging remotely but ready to see card payments in real time. It’s a game which has combined the internet fray just lately but is rapidly overtaking different matches in popularity.
The sport utilizes Ante and Play wagers, which pit the players from the trader. Live three-card poker on the internet is pretty much like the variant played brick-and-mortar casinos. It is, nevertheless, a simplified type of poker that is ordinary which enables the game to finish quickly and contains easy to comprehend principles as needed in casino games.

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