How to find winning football betting tips?

How to find winning football betting tips?

Sports betting has been a big part in the casino industry for over hundred years. It all started with betting on horse racing but now you can bet on almost anything. With the rise of e-sports you can even bet on computer games tournaments. But with so many options out there, how to make the right decisions?

How to determine if the sports betting tips you see online are trustworthy?

When you search online you will find hundreds of websites claiming to have winning betting tips, some of them are free and others you need to pay for. Truth is, most of the websites are lying, and the tips are not winning in the long rung. It is very easy to manipulate the history of tips, you arrive on the website and it says that they have been winning for over 6 months. You can click on all of the history to check for yourself. Now you think you have found the holy grail and you will be a sports betting millionaire soon.

How can websites trick you into believing they offer winning football tips?

There are several ways, for example a site can make 10 tips per day, lets say 5 win and 5 lose. Now if they wait couple days until no one checks the history they can just delete 2-3 of the losing tips, if they do this long enough their winning % will look something amazing like 70-80% and when you open the history it all seems real. Be very cautious about websites that say they win so often – they would be billionaires already.

Second method is to simply create the tip after the match has all ready happened, a website can manually set a date for the post and it does not have to be real. For example if a website makes a post on the 1st of April, they can make it appear that I made it 3 days before and of course that they chose the winning side.
A website can also show fake odds on games, for example Liverpool vs Real Madrid can have odds of 3 but the website says they made the bet with. In the long run when you check the statistics this will make their winning % a lot bigger.


Why are sports betting websites doing this?


Money! football betting is a big industry and advertising on websites that have content related to sports betting can be very lucrative. When you visit a website searching for information it means that potentially you want to make a bet at some point. That is the reason you are seeing all the advertisements from different bookmaking websites, they want your hard earned money.

How to distinguish a real sports betting tips website from a fake one?

You need time and patience, usually when people are searching for a winning tip they are in a rush. They know that for example Real Madrid vs Barcelona is on later the same day, they want to watch the game and put some money on it. They google Real Madrid Barcelona sports betting tip, click on the first website and believe it is true information offered by winning experts – this is the wrong approach.

So what is the right approach?

Like I said before you need time and patience. Find 3-5 betting tips websites that look real to you and create a excel document, if you do not have excel you can use google docs or just a sheet of paper. Write down all the websites and the tips that they offer, check if the odds that they say for the specific games are real and then keep doing this for at least a month.
Remember I said you need time and patience right? I quarante you, that if you can not do this simple task for one month without betting any real money you will not be a winning sports bettor. Why? Because you will not find good games to bet on every single day. Professional sports bettors sometimes go several weeks without making a single bet. It is not a teletubby fantasy land and bookmaking sites are not idiots, it is the total opposite. You are going against the smartest people and they are in the business of taking your money not giving it to you.

After one month you should hopefully have around 100 virtual bets with each website and now is the time to look at the results – I believe it is very likely that none of them are in a profit. However if you have really found a good site and it shows a profit dig a little deeper. What kind of events are they betting? Maybe out of 100 bets you took from them 50 were football and 50 was women´s volleyball games in Vietnam. Maybe the football tips performed bad but they have a super women´s volleyball fan who knows everything about Vietnamese leage and you will make tons of money betting only that.
If you want to make money you can not choose the games that you want to watch, you have to choose the tips that will make you money.

Why should you avoid betting on the big leagues and games?

It is no secret that the English Premier league, Spanish La Liga and German Bundesliga are the most watched leagues in the word. Most people have a favourite team from one of these leagues. So why should you not bet them?
These leagues have the most viewers meaning they also have the biggest number of bets on the games and the most money on each game. Bookmakers can not afford to make mistakes on these games as they would lose the most money. Same goes for world cup games and champions league, if a team of 10-20 experts are studying each game to offer the right odds you have very little chance of noticing something that they haven´t.

So what should you bet?

It makes the most sense to choose a league that you already know, probably from your own country and go 1-2 divisions weaker. These games do not have a lot of viewers, they arent probably even broadcasted on tv. There are very little bets coming in so bookmakers can afford to set the odds without proper analysis. Most of the time the odds are created just by looking at the league table and thats it, there are hundreds of leagues with thousands of games every week. No bookmaker has the time to deeply analyse every single one.

What is the best sports betting website that you absolutely need to follow?

Of course it is this website! We offer only 1 tip per day and we have a proven track record of getting 4% monthly profit in the long run, it seems small but I will write another article on how you can combine our bets with bookies deposit bonuses and actually double your money every month, not millions of dollars, but easy 4-500 per month.
We also have months that we lose so it is important to keep betting in the long run and have correct bankroll management, I will try to write another article about that because it is very important to follow certain rules. You will have times when luck is not on your side.
If you have any questions please write them in the comments below, good luck!
So starting from today write down all the tips that we offer and check the results in a month, I am confident that you will see the potential here.

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