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Lets take a look at world cup odds on 2 different sites so you can see how big is the difference and how much money you are currently losing by betting money on the wrong site.

Russia vs Saudi Arabia betting odds and short match preview.

For me betting on Saudi Arabia is a no brainer, especially if you look at how big their odds are. For example at


How much does the odds difference affect your winning in the long run?

For Example lets say that we bet on Saudi Arabia to win 50 times and to draw 50 times, each bet is 100 US Dollars and Saudi Arabia will win 7 out of 50 and draw 15 out of 50.
In W88 our result would be 700×9.95+1500×4.69= 6965+7035=14 000 , 10000 we spent on bets so 4000 in profit. Would be nice right?
So what do you think how much would be the difference when betting in Pinnacle?
700×13.3+1500×4.82=9310+7230=16540 , 6540 in profit!
The difference in the long run is huge, by choosing better odds you will win 63.5{02dc7bd9acc64072ee8e5834202280dcce1744ce4450381fbf4dab47418ae93b} more, can you see now how much you are currently missing out by not betting at pinnacle? And if you are playing online slots you should check casino mate online casino.

Why are the betting odds so different?

Pinnacle says on their website that they do not offer any signup bonuses as the best betting odds you will get there is the bonus. They also accept winning players, this is something that no other betting website allows. No matter how much you win on their website they will never try to limit you or close your account. What is surprising for me is that the odds they offer are better in every single game.

Making bets with low odds is the nr 1 reason you wont be profitable, that is why all professionals use Pinnacle. In the Russia vs Saudi Arabia game their odds are better no matter if you choose Saudia Arabia to win, draw or lose. Making a bet at w88 you are just giving away money.

Why would I bet on Saudi Arabia to win?

Russia did not qualify for the world cup, they got their place because they are the host country. Russia has not had any competitive games, only friendlies which tell you nothing and they are not a strong team. Beeing the first game infront of home crowd they will be under enourmous mental pressure.

Saudi Arabia on the other hand have no pressure, they qualified from a group that had Japan and Australia. They won Japan at home 1:0 and lost 2:1 away, with Australia they drew 2:2 at home and lost 3:2 away. Both of these teams are much stronger than Russia so taking Saudia Arabia in Pinnacle with odds of 13.3 seems very good. For example Iceland odds against Argentina is 9.2. I think it is much more likely that Saudi Arabia will win Russia than Iceland winning Lionel Messi and Argentina.

Are there any other good betting sites for players from Asia?

Many sites offer custom bonuses, for example money back in the event of 0 0 draw or some other result. That´s why its good to have account on atleast 5 different betting sites. Often you will recieve emails about deposit bonuses, free bets or other promotions which wont be huge in money terms, but can still help to grow your bankroll.

Lets take a look at Bwin World cup betting odds for the same Russia vs Saudi Arabia game

The betting odds are better than W88, but not as good as Pinnacle. Still BWin has one cool feature that allows you to make 1 bet every day with boosted odds. Usually you can boost your odds about 10-20{02dc7bd9acc64072ee8e5834202280dcce1744ce4450381fbf4dab47418ae93b}, so making 1 bet everyday with boosted odds is another simple way to win more.

When making bets, it helps to have better odds but you also need bankroll management.
Most Vietnamese deposit, let´s say 10 dollars on betting account and bet it all on one match. If they lose they will deposit again but if they win they just place it on the next match or split it up on 2 different bets.
This can work if you are super lucky or a sports betting wizard but to do things correctly you need to undrestand what is bankroll management and set some rules.

Why do you need bankroll management?

In all sports, some degree of luck is involved, Christiano Ronaldo can get injured on 1st minute, your team might earn a red card because of a wrong decision by the referee.
You might concede 3 corners in a row or even worse, the match can be fixed against you – this sometimes happens in lower leagues but has also happened in Italy Seria A league involving teams like Juventus.
When you put all your money in one bet and these things happen, you won´t have any left for the good bets.

What bankroll do you need?

I would say that 1 dollar is enough if you are a beginner, there is no point to deposit more and try to place bigger bets 99{02dc7bd9acc64072ee8e5834202280dcce1744ce4450381fbf4dab47418ae93b} you will lose your first deposit. Either you start to ignore bankroll management rules or you start to bet on matches that you have no advantage.

Okay If I have 1 dollar bankroll, how much can I bet on 1 match?

2 cents 😀 , you can bet 2{02dc7bd9acc64072ee8e5834202280dcce1744ce4450381fbf4dab47418ae93b} on a single match, if you want to make several bets on one match the total should not exceed 2{02dc7bd9acc64072ee8e5834202280dcce1744ce4450381fbf4dab47418ae93b}. This means if you lose, you will still have enough bankroll left to make up for losses.
And the 2{02dc7bd9acc64072ee8e5834202280dcce1744ce4450381fbf4dab47418ae93b} does not stay at 2 cents, if your bankroll goes to 60 cents you can bet 1.2 cents on 1 game. Same if your bankroll grows, if you have won some games and your bankroll is now 1.80, then you can bet 3,4 cents on one game.
The main thing is to start small and follow the 2{02dc7bd9acc64072ee8e5834202280dcce1744ce4450381fbf4dab47418ae93b} rule. If you can´t follow it you will not be successful.
You can have the best odds and the best tips but you will not win because eventually luck will be against you and you will lose 10 times in a row, if your bankroll can´t handle that then you are done.

What are the main reasons people break the 2{02dc7bd9acc64072ee8e5834202280dcce1744ce4450381fbf4dab47418ae93b} rule.

From my personal experience I can say that it is hard to keep following the rule if you have been losing. From 1 dollar you now have 80 cents left, your favourite team will play and you know they will win, so you break the rule and make 20 cents bet, 25{02dc7bd9acc64072ee8e5834202280dcce1744ce4450381fbf4dab47418ae93b} of your entire bankroll!
If they win you are back to 1 dollar and can follow the 2{02dc7bd9acc64072ee8e5834202280dcce1744ce4450381fbf4dab47418ae93b} rule again – sounds so easy and tempting.
It doesnt even matter if they win, in the long run you have allready lost because you did not have enough discipline, you wanted to hurry things but it does not work like this.

Second reason is making bets because you are bored, you open live betting section, see what games are live and start making random bets, this can happen especially when you are drunk, so do not open the betting portal when you have been drinking!

Every game is a new beginning, it does not matter how much your bankroll used to be or how much you want it to be, your bankroll is what it is – make the bet of 2{02dc7bd9acc64072ee8e5834202280dcce1744ce4450381fbf4dab47418ae93b}, if you can keep this 1 simple rule, do your research and use Pinnacle for best odds you will make money and your bankroll will grow.

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