Better than Casino Mate, 10 000$ AUD signup bonus, rated #1 online pokies casino in the world!

So you like to play pokies online, who doesn’t? I think that deep down all the players know that it is a waste of money, but the thrill and excitement of hitting a big win keeps us going.

When choosing an online casino you want the best bonuses and the best customer support. Casino mate offers 1400$ bonus, Spin palace 1000$ and Videoslots also offers 1000$.

But now the #1 online pokies casino in the world is making a big push for Australian market and they offer 10 000$ first deposit bonus, just click at the image below:

Of course you do not have to deposit that much, but this is the maximum bonus amount, they also offer bonuses for second and third deposit, and even 20 free spins without deposit, check the image below to claim them:


Why is Bitstarz offering so large bonuses?

Australians are notorious for their love of playing online slots, pokies, videoslots – however you like to call them and Australians are wealthy. For too long have the Australian players had to deal with crappy websites and outdated slot games. Even the mobile data in Australia costs 40$ for couple GB if you choose Telstra, that is nonsense.  Bitstarz was voted as the #1 online casino in the world by players, this shows quality. Everyone can say they are the best, but Bitstarz truly has delivered, the games work so well on all devices and the games they have are so fun to play.

Bitstarz started as a crypto currency casino, first with Bitcoin, then Ethereum and other cryptos but because the website and the games they developed are so good everyone else also wanted to join.

For a long time Australian players were not accepted but things have changed now and Bitstarz even has AUD as a currency option.


Here is another reason to choose Bitstarz over Spin palace, Casino Mate and Videoslots

In all the Bitstarz game, they use a system called “Provably fair”, taken from their website this means that “Every game you play here at Bitstarz is provably fair and verifiable immediately and independently by you!

We use a cryptographic method that ensures that we (the casino) or you (the player) can’t possibly know the outcome of the game until the moment it starts. We do this by letting you have a simple and visually verifiable input on the game and we show you a fingerprint of the spin we are going to use before the game starts so you can check after the game is over that we used the spin we said we would. ” – Source Bitstarz official website.

It is this kind of innovation and player friendly innovation that earned Bitstarz the nr 1 online casino rating in the world.

Here are some of the current jackpots and recent big wins from Bitstarz website:


Click on one of the images above and see for yourself, if you are not playing with Bitstarz you are not getting maximum entertainment and bonuses for your money.


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